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ASHRM Annual Conference

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Wednesday & Thursday

September 23 & 24, 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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Agenda Highlights





Wednesday, September 23rd  11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

  Tracie Sponenberg

Title:  Embracing HR Technology: Tips, Tricks and Pitfalls to avoid for your small HR Department

Many HR professionals are afraid of technology, but we shouldn’t be.  Rather than taking away our jobs or making us less human, technology gives us the power to automate many of our day to day tasks and make life easier for our employees, managers - and for us.  This session will review the basics of HR Technology, including the history of HR Tech systems, along with tips for sourcing, selecting and implementing a system.  You'll also learn many tips, tricks and things to avoid when considering new HR Technology.




Tamara Rasberry

Title: Let’s Talk About It! Mental Health Awareness & Creating a Mental Health Friendly Workplace

Mental health awareness in the workplace. In this session, we will learn:
  • A basic understanding of mental health and some primary mental health disorders.
  • Practices HR professionals can implement to reduce the stigma around mental health disorders in their workplaces.
  • Examples of how various mental health disorders may present in the workplace & how to educate managers about them.
  • How HR professionals can support individuals dealing with mental health disorders, both directly and indirectly.


Thursday, September 24th  8:45 AM – 9:45 AM


Katrina Kibben

Title: Transforming Your Job Posts 

Want to increase your job post engagement? Sure, who doesn't? But how? This hands-on presentation will provide examples of why many job postings fall flat and what recruiters can do to give them a facelift with the potential of doubling, or even tripling, qualified candidate engagement.  You'll learn how to:
  • Recognize what works and what doesn't about your job posts and your competitors—including how to spot well-written skills-related bullets to attract the right candidates
  • Research job titles and increase traffic to your posts
  • Hone your writing skills to improve response rates to your job postings, including responses for those hard-to-find candidates and passive job seekers from diverse backgrounds
  • And more!


 Sarah Morgan

Title: Death by 1,000 Papercuts: Overcoming Workplace MicroAggressions

In 2018, the MicroAggressions Project estimated that women, BIPOC and other marginalized groups experience 5 - 10 microaggressions each work-day. Microaggressions are the foundation that bullying, discrimination and harassment are built on.  In this session, HR expert and executive Sarah Morgan outlines the common occurrences and impact of experiencing daily workplace microaggressions. She will teach you practical techniques for minimizing the occurrence and sure-fire methods for addressing microaggressive behaviors in your workplace.





             Wednesday, September 23rd 10:45 - 11:15 AM


The Benefits of Having 
an Online HR Community
By Steve Browne and Tiffany Kuehl 

Title: Better Together: The Benefits of Having an Online HR Community

HR is a challenging profession and too many of us try to go it alone. We feel disconnected and
frustrated regardless of how hard we work. In this program, Tiffany Kuehl and Steve Browne,
will teach you about a way to get more connected personally and professionally through an
on-line community. They have been practicing and developing communities for years and will
share how it’s helped them and is sure to help you.



                Thursday, September 24th 10:00 - 10:30 AM 


 Fighting Financial Crisis with 
Financial Wellness

By Lacey Maynor


Title: Fight Financial Crisis with Financial Wellness

Household budgets across the country are being impacted like never before. Financial stress is
at an all time high and employees are turning to employers for solutions.  In this session we’ll
discuss how financial wellness initiatives can support employees who may be facing financial
crisis.  Providing solutions when your employees need it most might be easier than you think. 
  Success Tips for the Emerging 
HR Professional

By Claire Petrie


Title: Success Tips for the Emerging HR Professional

Gaining credibility as a young professional can be hard when everyone knows you’re light on
experience, so what do you do? Navigating the workplace, getting involved in the company and
building relationships with other colleagues outside of your day to day tasks is important to
move up, but where do you start? Getting started with reaching out to people and networking
seems intimidating, but we’ll talk about how it’s actually easy and fun, even in a virtual environment! 





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